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Future Prediction

Predict the longer term and events accurately and sometimes can even fail to predict it correctly.

Education & Job Problem


Health Problems

Career problem

{redict The Future and carrer problems by consulting “Sri pandith Srinivas sastri Garu”

Marriage Problem

born baby date of birth

To know details about born baby based on date of birth, consult us.

marriage kundali compatibility

foreign and abroad problem

Mangal Dosha

A person born under the influence of mars as per hindu astrology is said  to have “mangala dosha “, we have remedies to solve the problem.

Wife & Husbend Problem

Fiancial Problem

Business profit and loss problem

Here we can predict the business loss and profit problem, Consult Us.

Navagraha Dosham

Kala Sarpa Dosham

Kala sarpa dosha nivarana mantra & pooja remedies, we have the best solutions for it.

Pitru Dosham

Its a family is suffering from “Pitru Dosh”, contact us to get out from that problem we can solve the pitru dosha problem.

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